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Robots In Disguise MacDonalds Toys March 2017 DUTCH edition

Use Subtitles for description please.
Here is a video I made on 24 march 2017 and edited today because of personal issues.

These were available in the Netherlands in march of 2017. I have translated were I can, but further questions will be answered. The music is a reworking of the Robots In Disguise end theme, I changed it tonewise from a B to a D.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

RID toys by Dickie

RID toys by Dickie

Robots in Disguise toys by Dickie toys

Recently, I walked into the local lowcost store and saw some Transformers toys ! While being not too impressed with the current Robots In Disguise Cartoon, it only me a whole 2 seconds to decide that I liked these little cars. In the vein of the movie RPM (click link for example) toys from a couple of years ago, they are each about 5 centimeters long and 2 centimeters wide and do NOT transform.
 a Dickie toys advertisement featuring some of the toys

They look nice on my desktop and will be collecting the rest of the series. I have 6 'figures' now, who are the main cast of the show.

Pictures below:

Bumblebee Front and Side(inBox)

Sideswipe Front and Side(inBox) 

Drift Front and Side(inBox)  

Optimus Prime Front and Side(inBox) 

Strongarm Front and Side(inBox)  

Grimlock Front and Side(inBox) 

Here is another overview of my current collection

Back of the card

It has metal parts

Dickie toys are a German company.
Find out more about the Transformers line and others here
Dickie Toys Transformers

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Monday, February 15, 2016


"Who do you want to be ?"

Transformers Masks available with the happy meals !
More information coming....

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Old dutch editions of Transformers DVD's 005: Generation 1 DVD, Transformers Serie 1

Old dutch editions of Transformers DVD's

I'd like to talk about "Transformers Serie 1" (Transformers Series 1) 

This is a Generation 1 DVD released in 2004 and here are some details:
Title: Transformers – Series 1
Released in: Belgium / Netherlands
Company: TSC
Region: 2
Languages: English
Subtitles: Dutch
No of DVD: 1
Episodes: 3
1. The Girl that loved Powerglide
2. The Key to Vector Sigma (1)
3. The Key to Vector Sigma (2)
Length: ca. 60 min.
Extra’s: none
Format: 4:3
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
EAN Code: 8717662551468
Release: 02/02/2004

Below are some screenshots from the menu structure:  Warning because it's very very poor. I think they hired a monkey to make this menu.
You can Select the three episodes, (Dutch language version shown here),
Scene Selectie(Scene selection...)

All very exciting ?.....nope not really.
Let's go part by part and starting with the other menu's.
When you select "Scene Selectie", you go to a submenu to select the scenes but it can be confusing as a new viewer because the episodes are not mentioned here.
 With "HoofdMenu" (Main menu ) you return to the main menu.

When you select Ondertiteling(Subtitles), you go to the place to select subtitles 
"Ondertiteling" means Subtitles
"Aan / Uit" means On /Off
Also, note the Transformers Generation 2 LOGO on this submenu and the Main menu, in the previous DVD's this was reversed. this is only the start.......

Let's move on to the episodes:
 1. The Girl that loved Powerglide
Here is the Dutch Description 
and here is the Translation:
Powerglide saves a girl called Astoria form the Decepticon's clutches. She is impressed by Powerglide's rescue and promptly falls in love. She seems to have a machine-jinxing aura because everything breaks in her vicinity. When the Decepticons recapture her, it's up to Powerglide and the Transformers to save her. (Note: not Autobots but gets worse later)
As you can see from the overview scan, every episode has a little picture to accompany it with. Sadly, I think the aforementioned monkey gets it wrong 3 times.(please correct me if I'm wrong) This is clearly a still from "The Golden Lagoon", and appears somewhere near the end of the episode if I'm not mistaken.

2. The Key to Vector Sigma (1)
Here is the Dutch Description 
and here is the Translation:
 Megatron is jealous because the Autobots excel at driving cars. He then decides to steal cars and convert them to 'stunticons'. Sadly, these do not work as they should because they can't think for themselves. Trying  to make the 'Stunticons' think, Megatron hooks them up with Supercomputer Vector Sigma. But the effect is not what he imagined it would be.(I always thought that Megatron went to Vector Sigma to give the Stunticons personalities, not Intelligence. also, he seems quite pleased at the end of episode 1)
Another episode, another picture. I identified this one coming from "The Autobot Run", and appears somewhere near the end of the episode if I'm not mistaken and has been mirrored.

3. The Key to Vector Sigma (2)
Here is the Dutch Description 
and here is the Translation:
Because Megatron stole the key to Vector Sigma to give the Stunticons intelligence, Alpha Trion has to come into action to save the day. He discovers the secret of the key and this means that he finds a way to turn Earth into Cyberthron (!) ofcourse this is very advantagious.( the monkeys strike again. Alpha Trion probably knows about the key  but I remember from the cartoon that Megatron discovers that the key turns Earth material into metal. So, it's not as it says here in the dutch translation, Alpha Trion would not approve of a metal Earth.
Another episode, another picture. I don't know were this is from, can anyone help ?

At least 2(well, allright 1) great episodes and 1 mediocre, on the plus side, it's all G1 episodes (who says I'm negative ? )
Ahh yes the Cover art. almost forgot that. It seems scraped together from somewhere. Not too bad actually.

Avoid this DVD at all costs !

 See below to look at a bigger size picture of both sides of the package.
Please also look at Parts 001, 002, 003 and 004of this series.

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